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Welcome to Pheasant Ridge

Pheasant Ridge Park Policies

  • Overnighters are required to give at least 24 hour notice of cancellation or change of reservations.
  • Weekly reservations are required to give 48 hours notice of cancellations or change.
  • Longer term reservations (more than 28 days) are required to give 7 days notice prior to arrival to change or cancel reservations.

If cancellations occur after these time limits the guest is subject to a 1 night charge.

Check out time is 11 am, if you wish to stay another night please re-register before 10 am. Late check-outs may be allowed if requested in advance and there is no conflict with an arriving guest.

Awning stakes and pet stakes cause damage to the underground services, may be allowed only after services are located by the facilities manager.

Fire code prohibits street parking. DO NOT PARK ON VACANT RV SPACES. It is highly likely that another guest has been assigned to that space.  We ask that you do not park on the grass/landscaping because it damages our in-ground irrigation system. One auto can be parked in the front of your RV and one to the rear, as long as you do not crowd the street. Back-in sites: please do not back your RV beyond edge of the site.

Please observe the 10 mph speed limit; be aware of children playing.

Visitors must register in the office and get a parking permit before going to a site. All visitors using the facilities (pool, restrooms, showers etc.) will be subject to a daily charge.

For the protection of your children they are not allowed in any building without an accompanying adult. They are not allowed in the spa or around the pond and rock water fall area especially when it is filled with water.

The rocks in and around the waterfalls may be very slippery and unstable. Please do not walk or climb on them.

No swim diapers allowed and all children must be accompanied by an adult guest!

Charcoal and propane BBQ's only. Fire pits of any kind with open flames are not permitted.

Garbage bins are marked on your park map. To reduce rodents and bad smells please bag all of your garbage.

No outside appliances. No Tents or sleeping outside at night. No clotheslines or drying racks, no storing items under or around your RV. We allow camping items, such as BBQ's, lawn chairs, bicycles, portable picnic tables. You are allowed TWO potted plants if purchased locally. Please DO NOT feed the squirrels as they cause extensive damage to RV's. No Rugs, Pallets or carpets are allowed on the grass. NO VEHICLE FLUID CHANGES OR MECHANICAL REPAIRS MAY BE DONE IN THE PARK!

Your sewer connections must be airtight as required by the health department. Sewer connectors and other supplies may be purchased in the store.

Please leave the rooms as you would like to find them. We take pride in our cleanliness. If anything requires attention, let us know at the office. All buildings are closed from 10 p.m. to 12 midnight for cleaning.

Leashes 6-feet or less is the maximum allowable length, the use of extension leashes longer than 6-feet are not permissible except in the grassy area designated for pets (see map for specific location). Responsible pet owners are a treasure and a delight to have in the park, be one of those by picking up after your pet immediately. Excessive barking will not be tolerated; do not leave your animal unattended outside your RV, and please do not tie them to the trees or bushes. A $25.00 fee will be assessed to your site fees if the park personnel have to pick up pet waste at your site. Please no pet pens, kennels or cages.

Motorcycles, mini-bikes and dirt bikes are permitted as transportation in and out of resort only.


During the winter months it is your responsibility to protect the water connection by insulating the connection or disconnecting your hose and turning off the water. Any damage that occurs due to broken hydrants and lines will be charged to the registered guest.

Failure to observe the rules is treated as a breach of your contract and you may be asked to leave without a refund.



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